Dean Blechman knows people. He truly knows all kinds of people, from superstar athletes, politicians and industry titans to everyday folks with fascinating life stories.

He met these people, earned their trust and friendship, even as his humor, warmth and insight – his ability to connect and his passion for improving people’s lives – helped turn a business born in his family’s garage into an international juggernaut.

Now the people whose lives he has touched – and those he has yet to touch – will join him in a unique and freewheeling online radio show that will revolutionize the genre, much as his family’s business revolutionized how the world understands nutrition, wellness, feeling good, and feeling good about yourself.

In fact, Dean’s engaging approach to people begins with his family. He grew up in blue-collar Freeport, the youngest in a family of five boys – and the only one who was not a twin. His father, David, was a struggling pharmaceutical salesman until – anxious to find a way to put his boys through college – he decided to launch his own vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplement company. TWINLAB became a household name. Today, millions of people around the world are healthier and happier because David Blechman had an idea – and because he and his family understood that they could work together to see it through.

You see TWINLAB might never have gotten far from the Blechman garage, if not for David Blechman’s deep belief in his family. It was his wife, Jean and five sons – Neil, Brian, Ross, Steve and Dean – who teamed to foster the company’s remarkable growth. When he graduated from college in 1979, Dean became the company’s first fulltime salesman, but he quickly grew into the role of executive vice-president of sales. He assumed that position when the company was earning about $5 million in annual revenue. Fifteen years later, with Dean leading the company’s sales efforts, TWINLAB was a $335 million industry powerhouse; more than 95 percent of all health and natural food retailers in the U.S. carried the TWINLAB brand.

Now Dean will bring his lifetime of experience – as well as all of the people he knows – to Live from Long Island: The Dean Blechman Show. Free-flowing discussions with this yarn-spinning humorist will touch on everything from sports and entertainment to current affairs, lifestyle, politics, business and family. The people he brings and the stories they tell will educate. They will entertain. And they will enrich lives.

But the show’s magic – its secret sauce – is Dean’s ability to connect, to speak with anyone at any time about anything. This is one you won’t want to miss.

Meet the Team

Dean Blechman

Founder, Producer

Rea Bow

European Correspondent, Co-Producer