Free-flowing talk with a charismatic, down to earth host.  Dean interviews and chats freely with guests’ – superstar athletes, politicians, industry titans and everyday folks with fascinating life stories.  Dean educates, entertains and touches people’s lives.

Dean Blechman’s sultry tone and ability to connect will have you hooked from the moment you hear his show.  Dean’s interviewing technique draws on the most intimate, personal experiences of his guests lives bringing pure emotion to the forefront, enabling you the listener to literally ‘feel the tension in the room” as his guests reveal their inner most thoughts for you to hear.  As the tension slowly builds to a crescendo, you’ll hear the heartbeat of the interview gaining ever more in pace, to the point where everything else other than Dean’s voice is left behind…



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Past Guests

  • Adrian Clark
  • Brian A. McLaughlin
  • Cody and Zach Vichinsky
  • Stuart Pollak
  • Scott Morrell
  • Robert Altmann
  • Anastasia Visich
  • Jordan Pollak
  • J.J. McKeever
  • Steven Leaderman
  • Baron Brooks
  • Patrick Kypson

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